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Stage migration in localized prostate cancer has no effect on the post‐radical prostatectomy Kattan nomogram

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Cure de jonction robot assistée «single site»

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An audit of the composition of the ANZ Journal of Surgery

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Holmium laser enucleation versus laparoscopic simple prostatectomy for large adenomas

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Seminal vesicle metastasis of cutaneous malignant melanoma: An unusual and challenging presentation

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Surrénalectomie robot assistée «single site»

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Promontofixation Single Site

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Néphrectomie partielle robot-assistée sans clampage pour les volumineuses tumeurs hilaires

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A novel method of bladder neck imbrication to improve early urinary continence following robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy

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AUTHORED BOOK CHAPTER: General Practice: The Integrative approach (Published 2010)

Chapter 50: An integrative approach to prostate Cancer – P.Stricker & R. Thanigasalam